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I'm an Athlete and Coach making myself and the athletes I train Faster, Stronger, Agile and better Performers
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Jack Darcy

Athlete and Coach

I am a dedicated athlete who has turned to coaching while on the sidelines to help and see other people reach their potential in speed, strength and power on the track and in the gym. Being a half “Bionic Man” I have titanium rods in both of my legs after suffering a high speed motorbike accident in December 2016, breaking six bones and suffering severe muscle damage. During my current rehab I've learnt a lot about mental strength and the physical capabilities of the human body and believe we are a lot stronger than what we think we are and I believe I can help people to unlock this strength by calling on my own experiences, such as the battles of learning to walk again and returning to competition.


When I couldn't pursue my own dreams, I found the fire and passion to also help people from all levels, ages and abilities to become their Fastest and Strongest. I bring a wealth of knowledge from different training principles, practical experience, research and education. I teach an athlete the fundamental skills to find their speed and power potential with the mental strength to match.


My Coaching Philosophy revolves around 3 important statements:


1. Be the right coach at the right time for an Athlete.


2. Have a diverse range of tools to use, but always use the right tool for the right job when coaching and developing an athlete. Use everything at once and you will never know what works.


3. Get the MOST out of the LEAST. It's common practice to see athletes being given reps upon reps of sprints or lifts. Instead of throwing 100 darts at a dart board at once, I want to throw 10 accurately placed and considered darts.


Ultimately, with these three driving philosophies balancing technique development, exposure to training and building rapport with athletes will help Jack get them their best results.

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- Completing Bachelor of Exercise Science at UTS

- Level 2 Intermediate Coach Athletics Australia

- ALTIS Foundation Coach Course

- Certificate III in Fitness (FIAFitnation)

- Certificate IV in Fitness (FIAFitnation)

- First Aid & CPR Qualifications

- Working With Children Check



- Tony Boutagy Advanced Program Mastery Course 

- Square1System : Signal 6 Movement Course



- Evil Genius Down Under Seminar (Broderick Chavez)


- Athletes Authority 9 month Coach Mentorship Program

- Josep Coyne 2 Day Sprint and Jump Seminar

- PLAE Sydney LAB 

- The Muscle Doc (Dr. Jordan Shallow) Accessory Works Seminar 

- Evil Genius Down Under Seminar (Broderick Chavez)

- ALTIS Foundation Course 




I've been full time coaching Track and Field, and Speed and Agility since 2016 with Roger Fabri Speed Academy.

Up until the accident I competed in the sprints 100-400m and Horizontal Jumps (Long and Triple Jump). In my rehabilitation I am working towards competing in these events again.

In my Track and Field coaching I cater for all levels of athletes beginner to elite:

 - Sprints (100-400)


 - Jumps (Long and Triple)

 - Hurdles (Short Hurdles)

 - Relays

My programming follows general to specific periodised programming and coaching. With strength and conditioning that I can provide in the gym and on the field when needed separately or together.


I am also a Coach at the Roger Fabri Speed Academy catering for Team and Ball Sport Athletes looking to find the edge in their sport by improving their acceleration, top end speed, change of direction ability, and agility skills.

"If you have two players with the same set of skills, almost every time the faster player will get picked"

Learning from Roger Fabri, my own research, study and practical application in my years of coaching and playing in multiple sports including:

- Rugby League

- Basketball

- Touch Football


I am confident in providing coaching and programming to support an athlete in-season and out of season to get faster and more agile for their respective sport.

The strongest influence on my Track and Field and Speed and Agility coaching and training approach includes  Charlie Francis and Dan Pfaff on a broader scale, Roger Fabri for Speed and Agility and Joseph Coyne on elite track and field and my own practical application and training for Sprints, Jumps and Hurdles. 

The information and experience I have learnt from these people contribute to my approach to training and how I work with athletes and clients to become faster and more agile.



I conduct Strength and Conditioning face to face in Sydney (enquire) and provide online programs.

- 1on1 Coaching

- Semi-private training is also available. 


As an athlete I found supporting my training for field sports and as an athlete on the track went a long way to: 

- Building strength

- Reducing injury risk

- Improving movement patterns in the gym

- Allowed me to increase power on the track


After I became an accredited Track and Field Coach with Athletics Australia I decided the next step to providing a well-rounded and increased level of service to my athletes was to obtain my Personal Training Certificates and learn Strength and Conditioning modalities to take athletes through to:

- Build strength

- Increase power

- Prevent injury and

Ultimately increase their SPEED POTENTIAL.


"I want to help create a well-rounded athlete that is set up for a long and successful career by utilising the best and most educated training modes"

As with my Coaching Philosophies stated above I follow this with my S&C training and programming where through my own research, study, practical application and mentoring I have developed a wide range of influence for programming and believe in maximising the stimulus given to an athlete and using the right tool for the right job. Not just throwing everything at the wall seeing what sticks. 

My training and programming influences stem from many areas, most broadly Dr. Fred Hatfield and his approach to Periodisation and Charles Poliquin for his approach to athlete training.

My in-person mentors and coaches that I have learnt from include Dr. Tony Boutagy from Boutagy Fitness Institute, Clint Hill of Hill Strength and Performance, Cato Rutherford from Lift Performance Centre, Lachlan Wilmot from Athletes Authority/Parramatta Eels and Joseph Coyne who was S&C and Assistant Coach for the Chinese Track and Field Olympic Team. 

"Doing too many exercises is like throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks" 

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