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My family and I have known Jack for the past 18 months as he has been coaching our daughter Alex. During this time it has become glaringly obvious that Jack is a very good athletics coach.

In an age where building and maintaining relationships with teenagers can be challenging, Jack’s demeanour, coaching style and philosophy is very well received by our daughter and her training partners, thus he can continue to get the best out of them in each and every session.

Even though our daughter trains mostly within a group, Jack structures each training session for the individual depending on their strengths or areas of development that each athlete is working on, so there isn’t a “one size fits all” mentality. Jack realises that each and every one of his athlete’s is different.

Jack is very passionate about getting the best out of every athlete, his training programmes are sustainable and fair for the athlete and over the last 18 months we couldn’t be happier with Jack’s advice and dedication in helping our daughter strive to become the best athlete that she can be and I would highly recommend Jack Darcy to any athlete who has goals of becoming better at their chosen events.

Corey Richards,

Picture: Alex and Jack Australian Athletics National Championships
2019 U15 Girls 90m Hurdles and 200m Hurdles National Champion
2021 U17 Girls 100m Hurdles National Champion

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Jack's knowledge and understanding of sprinting and physiology are second to none. His ability to adapt training to your specific sports needs is awesome, I've become a faster and more resilient athlete from Jack's training!"

Brendan Hands 

Penrith Panthers NRL Squad 

I have known Jack for nine months as a sprint coach for my son Evan.

He is a professional, patient, determined track and field coach who works hard at ensuring that his athletes achieve their personal best. 

I am very grateful for Jack in the belief he has in my son’s ability as a sprinter.

Sophia Vukovic,

Picture: Australian Athletics National Championships 2019

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