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I coach with Roger Fabri at the Roger Fabri Speed Academy, for Speed and Agility. 

I also offer :

- Track and Field coaching in the Sprints, Jumps, Hurdles and Relay events for Athletics

- Strength and Conditioning Coaching for all levels and abilities as a separate or joined service for athletes online and face to face. 




Track and Field Coaching for Sprints, Jumps and Hurdles for all levels starting at beginner up to advanced athletes.

For initial sessions I recommend 1 on 1 for me assess and provide detailed analysis and feedback for the athlete. I strive to provide a well-rounded specific program that is properly planned for yearly competition to get the best out of the athlete and ensure they improve every year. Along with education to the athlete to ensure they not only know what they are doing but WHY they are doing it.

- 1 - 1 Sessions - 1 person 60mins

- Semi-Private - 2 to 5 people 60mins

- Group Training -  6+ people 60mins

Location: Greater Sydney Region and Squad Training based at ES Marks Track Kensington


The speed and agility training I coach implements track sprinting (the fastest sprinting there is) and applies these principles to ball and team sport players to become faster for their sport.


Sessions involve Drill execution, Jumping to increase power, and Sprinting.

Priority 1: Learning to sprint in a straight line 

Priority 2: Learning positions and movement patterns to change direction effectively and safely. Priority 3: Learning in a reactive environment and practice agility in a game-scenario. ​

LOCATIONS: ES Marks, Sydney Eastern Suburbs and Camden


Whether you are after learning the basic lifts, looking for a strength and conditioning program and sessions or searching for the complete service of Speed/Track and Strength Training I can provide it. The training program revolves around Weightlifting and Powerlifting movements with an athletic performance focus working together to build strength, power, mobility, improve movement patterns and help prevent injury.

All S&C programs start with an assessment and consultation to lay the foundations and allow me to best tailor your program. If you work with another event specific coach or Allied Health Professional (e.g. Physiotherapist) I will work with them to build a program and S&C training to your needs to get the best results. 

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I have experience in providing Group Training Blocks, one-off consulting and group training sessions to Sport Teams, Schools and Training Groups. 

I can tailor group sessions for all levels of athletes from beginner to advanced and for multiple sports that require speed and agility or schools looking for track and field coaching. 

I have worked with the Penrith Panthers Junior Rugby League Squads in their pre-season (u16's,u18's,u20's), Cranbook Junior School Rose Bay for Athletic Development Coaching, Holy Cross College Ryde for Track and Field Coaching and the Young Ireland Sydney Gaelic Football Team for Speed and Agility. 

Please Contact me to find out more and how we can organise Training for your team, school or training group. 


I can tailor Jump and Plyometric Training programs to athletes. I have experience in competing, training and coaching for the Horizontal Jumps - Long Jump and Triple Jump. For Track and Field Athletes searching for Jump Coaching I can provide a well-round Sprint and Jump Training program and sessions to help you jump further and higher. 

Ever wanted to get more athletic and increase your vertical ? Maybe even be able to dunk?

I can tailor a Jump and Plyometric program along with a strength and conditioning program to increase your vertical jump and help support your power in the gym. 

Online Programming is available with weekly feedback, programming and support. 

1 to 1 and Semi Private Training is also available with a mixture between Field Sessions for Horizontal Jumpers looking to compete and also Strength and Power Sessions in the gym for those wanting to get stronger and more powerful. 

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